Bringing clean energy to Skaneateles

About the Project

Skaneateles PV, LLC is a 4.7-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) array system located at 2825 West Lake Road in the Town of Skaneateles, New York. The Project occupies approximately 32 acres of the 87-acre parcel and consists of ground-mounted solar PV panels in a tracking configuration. Construction of the solar array system involves driving posts into the ground, mounting panels racks to the posts, inverters and several transformers sited on concrete pads, and an access road. The solar array system will be connected to the electric power grid via the existing Jewett Road Substation (a 34.5 kV transmission line) located 4.4 miles north of the project parcel. Access to the site will be constructed off West Lake Road.

Skaneateles Solar will provide a clean, renewable source of energy that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help achieve New York’s Climate Act goal of 70% renewable energy by 2030. It will also provide improvements to the electric grid, generate tax revenue for the town, county and school district, and create new construction jobs.

Based on the design of the Project, the location, and proposed mitigation measures, Skaneateles Solar will not have any adverse impacts to water resources or wildlife, nor will it generate any excess noise or stormwater runoff to surrounding properties. Existing trees and vegetation along with landscape plantings will screen the Project so that it will not be visible from the road or neighboring properties.


Skaneateles Solar offers many benefits ranging from improved infrastructure to lower utility bills for area residents.


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Skaneateles Solar provides energy from a renewable resource with a limited impact on neighbors or the environment.


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About Us

RIC Energy is a global company specializing in the development of photovoltaic projects, with experience in construction, operation and maintenance and financial structuring. Founded in 2005 in Spain, we are pioneers in the photovoltaic solar market. RIC Development, LLC, a subsidiary of RIC Energy, is a leading renewable energy developer of solar PV farms in the United States with a focus on the local community. We pride ourselves on identifying key stakeholders early in the development process and working together with them to create high-value projects with the lowest impact to the surrounding landscape and community. We do this by forging partnerships in the communities where we work to make the process of integrating clean sources of locally produced energy into the environment a benefit to everyone involved. Whether working with landowners, utilities, or town officials, we are continually striving to achieve the dual goals of economic and ecological sustainability. Together with leading environmental and engineering experts, our projects are designed to reduce environmental impacts to the maximum extent possible, as well as to improve and maintain soil health.